Stop Stalling out and End the techy Misery in your online business!

Sometimes when I think about where I am at in business, I get feeling behind the 8 ball. Then I get thinking about when I first started this and I think WOW, I've really come a long way! It sure is easy to fall in the crap trap of not being exactly where we want to be and forgetting how utterly far we have already come!

I have been chatting with the awesome peeps in our community Creating Your Inspired Life and Business all about what is holding them back in their online businesses. We talked about dipping our toes into bigger bolder waters and really taking this seriously. It's time to make money. It's time to get profitable. It's time to create our future and live our dreams like we see so many others doing....... But what's holding almost everyone back in the beginning is the motivation, staying focused, the technical know-how when starting out, and making the decision to take the plunge fully with all our being. YOU DESERVE TO LIVE YOUR PASSION! YOU DESERVE FREEDOM, and you certainly deserve all the perks that come along with this lifelife the freedom to make your own schedule, and have more family is your time:

Well after a crazy divorce, back surgury, court, a ton of mistakes and bad choices over the last 5 years that I couldn't fix....well the dip turned into a PLUNGE! Sometimes the best motivator is rock bottom. It's true, people who have hit rock bottom have the ultimate motivation because the ONLY PLACE TO GO IS UP! It was bootstrapping time!

So with this massive motivation, and after spending thousands of dollars on individual little classes, tutorials and coaching to get my business off the ground, I finally had my stuff together and was working nearly full time in my business having a blast, creating workshops, videos, coaching, programs, trainings and talking to sincere, awesome people all over the world...ah life is getting so good again! I can feel my independence OOOZINGGGGGGGG, which is one thing I was DETERMINED was top priority. No more relying on others financially, I wanted to make enough that I could completely support myself.

The ball was rolling and it only gets better. 

The ball was rolling and it only gets better. 

So here is the best part... I decided that as a BOOTSTRAPPER myself, I wanted to share the stuff that is necessary to get started in your online creative business all in one course! No more running around wasting hours researching silly little things, no more googling for hours how to find one simple way, no more spending thousands of bucks on big FLUFFY courses that teach nothing. Filled with uber-fluff and promises of a lucrative future only you sign up for their big ticket offers. 

Just a SIMPLE and PRACTICAL, TO-THE-POINT course with everything that keeps you STUCK AND STALLED out in the beginning.

Welcome to the Creative Entrepreneur Business Tech & Goals Bundle FAST START for Beginners! When I first started I wasted HOURS, and HOURS researching how to use online platforms and things to get my business off the ground...YOU DON'T HAVE TO KEEP WASTING TIME....all the basics you need to get started are right here! Take a look at the table of contents modules:)

Details here:
I am offering this for only $37 for a limited time which is less than 50% off the regular price.

This big bundle of classes and trainings are a fun and easy to follow business bundle containing over 15+ Training classes and tutorials with screen sharing to teach you basic online tech tools step-by-step. EXTRA Bonuses are on top of these as well!

No more getting hung up on all the online tecky tool roadblocks that are causing you to be held back and slowed down in your business.

Grab this easy to follow training that is purposely created in bite sized pieces for you to follow along at your own pace.

When I first started my online business, these are the types of things that kept me stumped and spinning my wheels. Once I paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars to learn and teach myself how to use the basic tools, software and resources to get started, then there was no stopping me!

This is for you if:

  • Set up a mailing list
  • You want to make your own free images for your website, social media, optins, and newsletters
  • You're stuck and Stalled with what to do next in the beginning
  • Easy to follow classes to keep you motivated  would help
  • You need the basic tutorials  to be able to run the business yourself and fix things yourself
  • You're not ready to outsource you need to learn basic set up and usage of specific online platforms
  • You're on a tight budget and need FREE & low cost options!
  • You're ready to take the bull by the horns and build the business you're passionate about
  • You want to be a "finisher" too many unfinished  projects on the go
  • You want to create goals and actually reach them
  • You keep getting confused with what your "thing" is
  • You want to know how to set-up and use things like mailchimp, canva, make goals,set up a scheduler, stay motivated, create questionaires, clarify your niche, create products, make slides, create and set up a webinar or workshop, get social media secrets, and repurposing tools... and tons more...
  • You need a blend of technical trainings mixed with tips and motivation to stay focused and on track!

Check out the course outline here:
I am offering this for only $37 for a limited time . Less than 50% off the regular price.

More details here:
I am offering this for only $37 for a limited time

If this sounds perfect for you- GRAB IT BEFORE IT'S GONE AT THIS PRICE!
It's time to create your golden egg.... it's time to get independant. Stop relying on others, make your own dreams come true!

Big Encouragement & Hugs XX