How To Get Your Flow Back and Stop Procrastinating

Have you ever felt so utterly stuck in your business that you want to just run away? Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You can't find any time to work on what you want....
  • You have good intentions but the situation is never right to work on what you need to work on....
  • You are desperate for alone time to get something done..
  • You question how others juggle everything but for you it's seems impossible
  • You have other things going on at home causing stress and it sucks your energy 
  • You are sick of being stuck and stalled
  • You feel like your overwhelm is causing you to be paralyzed and crippled in your business
  • You grab your phone and scroll to get motivation but all you do is get caught up in social media wasting time
  • You know you are capable of "making it " but it seems so far out of reach
  • You know you are meant for wayyyyy more but you can't seem to grasp it and time is ticking away
  • It feels like a mountain you can't seem to climb ...but yet you can still feel the draw and the know you are close.....but then...blahhhh...your not moving forward

UGGGGGGGGGG........ I totally get it . I get it ALL. I feel for you if you even have ANY of these feelings. It sucks it really does. Honestly I have been there, and more than once. 

Let's face it.... this is not sustainable. Something has to give. How long are you going to wait? How much time are you willing to keep wasting?

I've worked with lots of  entrepreneurs that have felt the same way, and  because I can relate I know the way out of overwhelm and stuckness. Get ready its coming...... the truth hurts....

Are you ready????? You can create change and gain momentum right now if you decide too.

YOU WILL NEVER FEEL LIKE IT!  Stop waiting for the magic moment when you think your ready to get's not must make the choice!


Here's what you can do ( and exactly what I do when I get off track) today to help get you started and back into your FLOW :

  • Go back and ask yourself why the heck you are doing this? What is the purpose?
  • Stop multitasking NOW -this is a huge mojo killer!!!!
  • FOCUS on ONE thing and do it till its done
  • Stop being a perfectionist!!
  • Just pick one thing to work on that you know will move your business forward ( not medial tasks either), THAT'S IT. no moving on until it's complete
  • Create a fresh goal list and remind yourself why you're doing this...see the BIG FUTURE PICTURE...Focus on it...imagine it's's so close but you must do the work to get there...
  • Book a complimentary " Get YOUR FLOW BACK" session with me and learn how working today through email or phone can seriously help you stay in flow and keep you on track to reach your goals

The beautiful thing about this email coaching program where you can ask me ANYTHING ANYTIME via fb messenger or email !  It's one heck of a deal!  I will respond as soon as I physically can. Please allow me to strategize and get back to you, as we may need some back and forth! We may even need to jump on a quick call to get more clarity, and I'm happy to do that when needed.

  • What should I be focused on right now?
  • Can we brainstorm together?
  • I need Ideas!
  • Help! I need clarity on ...............
  • I'm confused with what I should do next?
  • Which thing is going to help me move my business faster now?
  • I need a focused strategic plan.......
  • I'm stuck on some techy things...
  • I'm have totally fell off the wagon can you help me get back on?
  • I'm so stuck
  • I need a new message
  • How do I grow my email list?
  • and anything else that is a burning situation or question, I am happy to support you! If you love the freedom this brings email me today and let's chat! We will start off with a 60 minute kick off call so I can learn all about you and your business for faster momentum and less stalling!

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Let's do this! 
Stay tuned and get ready to create your golden egg.... it's time to get independant. Stop relying on others, make your own dreams come true!

Big things are on the way... and I'm excited!
Stay tuned for my new Goals and Dreams Planning Workshop! I can't wait to share it with you:)

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You can also text me in the email coaching program! Getting unstuck was never so easy:)  Get focused, get on track, work on things that matter that will build your business and stop the "busyness" tasks. Let's go!


I would love to know what you are thinking about creating! If you need support please reach out and inquire about a free session to talk about bring in more money using your passions and ideas! Book a complimentary chat here and see what we can come up with to help your business thrive and diversify and talk about how I can help you finally MAKE A CHOICE, BE DECISIVE, START SOMEWHERE, and STOP PROCRASTINATING! Bring coffee to our cozy chat:)

Big Encouragement & Hugs XX