Lead Magnets, Optins and Marketing Oh My- It's a long dousey!

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So as you know by now, it's critical to be list building and creating a tribe of followers who you can connect, inspire, share, motivate and promote, right?


start collecting leads right now!!!

You know you need opt-in and lead magnets, you know you need to be collecting emails and sharing great value, content, and materials to help your tribe, right? So what do you have going on for an opt- in right now?  Is is calling in your ideal clients, and giving a ton of juicy support for your peeps? If not, keep reading...this is a critical piece of your business!!!

If your opt -in is not working like you thought, you want to create something fresh or your stuck for ideas, here is a list I came up with of potential ideas
 to help spark those creative juices flowing:

 Here is a list of 26 possible ideas for you:
1.E- books
4.Mini Courses
8.Webinar replays
9.Preview a couple chapters of your own book if you are published
10.Your favorite Resource List
11.Printable Art
12.Group conference call replays
13.Collection of your top blog posts on one topic to follow
14.Flow Charts on what your an expert in
15.Top tip lists
16.How to “sheets and guides”
18.Meditations, affirmations
19.Printable goal tracking sheets
20.List of your favorite sources
***Your Top personal reading lists
*** List of your favorite marketing tips
***Video/Audio series
***Membership only area to private group for only subscribers
***Free Printable Stationary/wallpapers
And my VERY Favorite!!
***A discount code for subscribers only to purchase your products/programs at a special price
I hope something here sparked your mind and gave you a new idea or a tweak on an old idea!

>>>>>OK #2.  Now You have created Something new and fresh, it's time to grow your list!

Copy of Copy of One- On -OneCoaching.png

1. Have a clear message, know your sweet spot, and leverage your niche market in everything you do.
2. Create a Facebook business page if you don’t have one and be sure to have your OPT -IN pinned to the top! Fill in your services and the “about me” section with care and detail sharing everything your about and what you believe in!
3. Stay consistent with your focus and message, always leading with your expertise area…don’t try to speak to everyone, only your ideal clients!
4. Have a great opt-in ( FREEBIE ) and focus fully on solving your ideal clients SPECIFIC problems or issues in all of your content. See my prior post on
(Hot Opt-IN Ideas!)
5. Add you freebie opt-in to your FB Business page in the TABS section…(mailchimp has integration button allowing for this its great and super easy!)
6. Make sure your SUBSCRIBE button and OPT in is available to access on most pages of your website and at the end of every blog post. You can also add it to your sidebar!
7. Share vulnerable personal stories that show the how you went from _____ to here_____ and the solution you have for people in similar situations. Share these in Facebook groups with a link to have a free conversation about what you do to draw in curiosity and questions.
8. Pin your Freebie to the top of your Twitter Bio, and put a direct list to sign up to your amazing offer as well in your Instagram BIO… When sharing on Instagram add ” grab my free ______ link in Bio!
9. Survey You audience with key topics they need help with and ask for feedback! Your tribe or soon to be will give you great ideas for your next opt-in, blog post, or video.
10. Share your offer in Facebook group PROMO THREADS, and whenever there is an opportunity to add your special gift to a group’s sharing day.
11. Make it a goal to connect with at least 2 -3 new people that you are attracted to. Comment or ask questions, like they’re business page or follow them on social media, most will connect back!
12. Stay positive in everything you do on social media. Everything you do should create a happy, meaningful relationship, with a positive vibe!
13. Offer valuable free stuff without a pitch.. people are grateful and if interested will check out what else you have to offer, and BOOM they may sign up for more!
14. Here’s something important- Make sure your links work! So many time id like to sign up for things but when they end up being broken links or not working, I will usually move on and forget to check back, and you can loose a lot of followers this way.
15. Create Free Challenges, or host a giveaway, try Periscope or something new you haven’t done before making sure you always have a link to “subscribe” or “sign up” just get visible!
16. In your newsletters ask your tribe if they will share your newsletter with someone they think will benefit from, and make sure you have a “share” button on it!
17. Be consistent, I can’t say this enough! Be visible, focus on daily consistency, and focus consistently on your authentic gifts and amazing message… you must remain fierce and reliable in your known expertize so people will be drawn to you magnetically as well as positions you as the go-to guru in your specialty! Build your tribe by giving your gift! Always keep your ideal clients needs and interests in mind before you do anything!
⭐️Don’t forget to nurture your list once you get a tribe building, and keep delivering valuable content, freebies, and promotions! If they are on your list it’s for a reason- Something about your message, brand or personality is attracting them. Stay true, genuine & real!

Enjoy and start getting leads right away!!!