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This will be ME HERE FOR YOU daily, giving support for committed, driven, passionate women who are seriously ready to grow there business and create multiple revenue streams. If this is you- then get ready here comes the 60 DAYS OF STRATEGIES! Most of You guys know me as the CANADIAN FARM GIRL (addicted to vintage)
Business Growth Consultant and Creative Marketing Specialist, so I'm sharing my farm and business life with you EVERYDAY along with SIMPLE, PRACTICAL strategies you CAN IMPLEMENT EVERY SINGLE DAY TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Some days I will be doing videos, some days I will be writing posts, but every day no matter what I will SHOW UP for you to TEACH you the steps that I personally take and do to build a successful business!

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Angela Neufeld is a Business Growth Strategist and Productivity Expert for new online women in creative  business who want to create or seriously grow a sustainable business online. It is my mission to provide practical, create, out of the box ideas and solutions to inspire, motivate, and support your business success! I have created several successful online and brick & mortar business to six figures.  I sleep, live and breathe business and marketing, and am a multi passionate creative entrepreneur ... I love to keep things lighthearted and fun, while creating a sustainable business with PURPOSE AND PROFIT

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