Ways to start working towards creating that "Illusive" home and worklife balance

Do you work from home? How do you feel at the end of the day? How does your family feel? Are you out of wack anywhere?

Working from home is becoming more and more popular these days in order to be able to create your own schedule and actually be there and be present for your children and family! If you are lucky enough to be one of these people you probably already know how hectic and stressful things can actually become. There are so many distractions that can keep you from accomplishing your tasks, and then everything starts to pile up and the stress and pressure creep in.  Slowly but surely the stress builds up and you start loosing focus. You may start to become overwhelmed and disorganized and frustrated with the situation.  Not to mention sitting behind a computer in an office chair is pretty hard on your neck and back, and the stress associated can contribute to poor health…


So what are some practical things you can do to start to bring balance and focus back into your daily home and work life?


::Create a routine, yes I said it… This off the way loosey goosey unstructured method you may have going is detrimental to your state of mind, and killing your productivity! Create a daily routine and try to stick to it. Include your water intake, exercise, and daily tasks you want to accomplish and write them all down. I keep a pretty journal and keep it organized.


::Minimize distractions. Some people say, "I could never work out of my home because I would have too many distractions." Turn your ringer off on your phone when you are in work mode. As a rule, minimize trips to the kitchen to get something to eat (except at mealtimes), don't turn on the television, and don't let yourself get sidetracked by personal activities such as doing dishes, scrolling through social media constantly or doing laundry.


::Know when to stop working.  When you work from home, you don't have far to go when you get the urge to get one more project finished, of complete just “one more thing”. It can be really good to have a routine that you stick to that has an end time so that you end at a certain time everyday and can be totally present mind and body with your family or spouse.   

::Remember self care. After a long day of sitting at a computer screen all day make sure to take some well needed time for you. Go for a long walk after dinner. Have a hot bath and listen to music or your favorite podcast. Book in a hair appointment or something to keep you nurtured and give you healthy breaks out of the office chair. Set time aside in the evening for a hot tea and a good book even for 20 minutes. Get a babysitter and do something special out of the house that you find relaxing or fun.  Put yourself first so you can be at your best for others.  Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself.

::Delegate tasks out. What things that needs to be done repeatedly can be delegated out? Can you afford to alleviate stress by giving children activities and chores to help out and take some pressure off? Would you consider getting a housekeeper twice a month? What about asking someone else to get the groceries, and give them the list? There are lots of things that can probably be delegated out- IF you are willing to loose just a teeny bit of control and ask for help. You can do it!

::EXERCISE and fresh air- I cant express the importance of this enough. Get out and enjoy the fresh air! You could go swimming, walking, jogging, skating, hiking, kayaking, biking, there are so many things you can do, but outside in the fresh air is best.


 I hope some of these tips will help you create a little more peace and balance in your work at home environment and give you small snippets that you can use daily for less stress. It’s so important not to forget to be “present” in every situation we are in and be fully aware. So many of us are continually distracted and multi-tasking that we actually create more anxiety and more frustration than we need. Focus on one thing at a time and do it well. Focus on who you are talking to at the moment and be fully present in the conversation with them and listen…. These daily snippets will help you feel more balanced, nourished and mindful.

Angela Neufeld is a Business Growth Strategist and Marketing Junkie for women in creative businesses who want to create or seriously grow a sustainable business. It is my mission to provide practical, creative, out of the box ideas and solutions to inspire, motivate, and support your business success! I have created several successful online and brick & mortar business to six figures.  I sleep, live and breathe business and marketing, and am a multi passionate creative entrepreneur ... I love to keep things light hearted and fun, while creating a sustainable business with PURPOSE AND PROFIT.

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