20 Types of Info Products You Can Sell and Create Now!

20 Types of potential products you can create or sell: 
✏️ membership sites
✏️ E-books
✏️ Live workshops
✏️ Email coaching premade modules
✏️ Group boot camps
✏️ mastermind groups
✏️ recipe or detox packs
✏️ Facebook or Twitter premade packs
✏️ Newsletter templates
✏️ Ecourses
✏️ video tutorials
✏️ Printables
✏️ Video mini course
✏️ Printable art
✏️ Pre recorded conferences
✏️ Downloadable materials
✏️ Affiliate product links
✏️ Prepackaged scripts & materials
✏️ Premade graphic packs
✏️ Pre recorded webinars
✏️ Create mock up packs
And I can probably keep going!! Hope this gets your creative juices flowing!

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