Hey gorgeous ladies! I have a WEEKEND CHALLENGE FOR YOU!

I'm challenging you this weekend to get back to basics and really look at your daily life values that you want to be reflected in your business! Share in a journal, paper, doodle and way you like! I want you to feel inspired in your life and business and to help you put that passion and authenticity back in your messaging and brand ! Sometimes is good to go back to square one and ask yourself if your values and like are showing the way you think they are in your brand messaging ! Reflect this weekend and show me your values and how you USE THEM OR WILL START INCORPORATING THEM INTO YOUR MESSAGE, LOOK AND FEEL!! Join us over in the FACEBOOK group- AUTHENTIC ENTREPRENEUR CREATIVE MASTERMIND and share your values!!

Can't wait to see you there! Click the link to the TRIBE in the Navigation menu and get directed & hang out with us there!