Get Productive & Organized!

Honestly, you're trying so hard, spending so much time on things and it's just not gaining the traction you desire fast enough...

(Free To-Do list bundle attached)

It's time for a serious brain dump...  clear your mind and get out of the overwhelm, or you know it is simply just going to lead directly to burnout. Burnout = complete non-productivity, and you don't want this!

You are too valuable to be wasting time and be doing things you know are not contributing productively to your business! Your time is valuable, so let's treat it like it should be treated! 

My goal is to help you go from feeling stressed out, to content & productive.... How will we do this? We are going to create an easy system! Here are some things to start putting in place now so you can have your business running at the pace you want it to. 


1. Free up your brain and thousands of thoughts with a giant brain dump! Take out a notepad and pen and simply list out EVERYTHING going on in your head. List everything. These are all of the thoughts in your head, so they can be life and business things just whatever is clogging up your brain.

2. Now seperate your personal thoughts from your business thoughts ideas and to-do's.

3. Now look at your to do list and goals...Is there anything you can simply REMOVE? Is there anything here that does not get you further towards your goals or isn't in line with your BIG PICTURE PURPOSE?
If there is then get rid of it, to free up the things that are far more important in your life and business.

4. Looking at your list, is there anything that is counterproductive to the other important items on the list? If yes, ask yourself why it is there, and if it can be removed?

5. Is there anything on your list that you can delegate to someone else to free up your time?

6. Now it's time to prioritize your to-do list of what is left. Put all of your URGENT and IMPORTANT things at the top of the list. Break these main tasks/goals into bite sized pieces that are actually doable!

7. Now list out the following tasks called "IF I HAVE TIME". These are things that are important to you but not urgent . 

8. Now it's time to choose the #1 TOP TASK to do first!

Now the next question is ARE YOU PROCRASTINATING?  When we procrastinate we are either:

:: Avoiding something we don't like to work on. 

::Avoiding something too technical that we first need to research to learn.

::Intimidated, because the task is TOO LARGE

::You don't have the time to actually do it because you don't have it broken down into bite sized pieces that are workable or you do not where to begin.

::You convince yourself you don't have enough time to complete it so better not even start it!

Does this sound familiar?


How do we fix these and truly conquer the moments of procrastination and distraction?

1. Look at your list and make sure the LARGE TASKS are broken down into bite sized pieces!

2. Set a timer or block out at least an hour of no distractions to work on your #1 URGENT TASK. Tell your family you are working and wearing your Business Hat, set some boundaries, turn off your phone (for me I go charge it in another room where I can't see it) in order to have some quiet work time and a have focused space.

3. Take a break, get fresh air, make a cup oftea, or grab a bevvie you love, stretch and go back to what you were doing and continue on. Recognize when you feel like you are being distracted and FOCUS!

4. Start with bite sized tasks and work your way up the list until the BIGGIE is completed! REMEMBER PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION!


5. You did it!  You are successful, focused and you just completed a task!

NOW IT'S SELF CARE TIME! Realign your soul and spirit. I love to take really long walks with my bestie (like 10-15 km) about 3 times a week. This gives me a burst of energy so I can refocus and be more what ever you love to do! Maybe you love to paint, read, get your hair done, go kyaking, do yoga. Whatever it is, go out enjoy it with NO GUILT! Come back refreshed and focused!

It's time to remember to refresh your mind & body. There may not be a "perfect balance" but you can take the weekends or whatever day you break from your work and really re-aligned and get yourself centered with your WHY.
 Self care is SO CRITICAL,and I will tell you why.

  • You need to be able to come back to your work or office actually feeling refreshed.
  • You need to feel like you have spent quality time with your friends,family or wherever you enjoy so that you can work and not have guilty feelings creeping in causing you to be distracted and loose your focus.
  • When we are healthy we are ENERGIZED and SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE!