Design your Business model & Creative Income Stream Planning 90 minute session!

Get clear on your business model, marketing message, niche, and money making income stream potential! 

In 90 minutes we will go through your business model,  niche down, and  focus on the direction possibilities you can go in. The stalling is over...the confusion is over. It's time to take action and come up with a game plan you can execute on with action steps!

I love to help multi-passionate creative people get clarity and focus and realize the possibilities right in front of them.  Sometimes it just takes a bit of help from someone else to look at your business from a different angle. If you have had trouble explaining what you do and you need some support to get you through the hurdle of starting somewhere this session is for you!

What exactly will you get?

1. 1.5 hour  session via video or phone-your preference. 

2. Recording of our session to listen to as much as you need.

3. 1. I will send you pre homework material to fill out to make the most of our session. 

4. Niche and marketing message clarity to get started. 

5. An outline of your potential new MONEY- MAKING business model/concept, including creative income stream ideas and outline.

6. Your next action steps to take to create multiple income streams and attract clients/customers!

So , if you're ready to get started with your "thing" you know you're so amazing at, then let's do this! Stop feeling confused and frustrated and start feeling empowered and ready to put things into action! Once you are clear on your messaging topic and business model outline you can create content and income streams with ease.  You can become known for your "thing", and market yourself and your products clearly, attracting the right kind of clients and customers from the start.

197.00 usd