Hello Darling!  I'm so delighted your here!  

I am a Consultant for Creative multi-passionate Entrepreneurs! I love to help creative peeps like yourself get guidance heavily focusing on PROFITS, PROJECT PLANNING, LAUNCHING, PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS, ORGANIZING, Create STRATEGIES, PRIORITIZING, and FOCUS, to help you CREATE AN INSPIRED LIFE AND BUSINESS. Are you constantly on a mission of personal development? Get ready to set beautiful goals and ACTUALLY achieve them! Its time to LIVE BETTER, REACH YOUR GOALS, and feel INSPIRED and FULFILLED everyday... Together we will lay your entire business on the table and go through it with a fine tooth comb piece by piece & take you through my planning journey from step A-Z meeting you exactly where you are in your business right now! I will help you concoct your cleverness, and package your passions, create passive income, all with content that genuinely looks and feels like you, creates buzz, and helps you finally make some real profit.

P.S.- Yes, I'm a multi-passionate CRAFT-A-HOLIC and am always creating something new!

I will help you create strategies and teach you what to do, and how to take ACTION, so you can enjoy the freedom you desire and tap into your creative genius and unlock your amazing passion biz!  I have been there.....miserable in a 9-5 dead end job. I have also had 4 + AMAZING profitable COMPANIES, where I have created 6 figures in 6 months..so I know whats possible! My background is in:

  • Education in Business Marketing and Advertising 
  • Certified Life Coach 
  • Website & Design Creation for multiple companies
  • Creating my own successful corporations (Ltd) consisting of over 25+ employees
  • Self-Published 4 Marketing, and Project Planning Books for Business Ideas, Crafter's and more featured on Amazon.com
  • My creative designs have been published in 2 Hardcover Creative Books by Lark Publishing
  • Currently have 7+ Creative Income Streams
  • Ran an amazingly creative online business selling handmade goods creating custom products
  • Networking and Connecting, Niche Markets /messaging, Creating unique standout brands & helping women worldwide create dream passion businesses
  • Publishes Author on Amazon, Lark Publishing, as well as featured as the monthly crafter in Crafters Choice subscription magazine.

 I have always craved freedom too, and desired the option to live on my terms, and on my own schedule utilizing my talents,gifts and creative passions to make money! Are you ready to say "YES" to yourself and create your AUTHENTIC passion biz?

Things I Cherish..

You know you are meant for something more.  It’s time to step out of your comfort zone.  You know there has got to be more to life than traffic jams, awful bosses, and forced schedules.  It’s time to do the things you love. If you are willing to take action, get rid of all the life clutter (physical & mental)  so that you can live your dreams guilt free and get on the path to becoming financially free, then I am ready to help you!

My style is genuine, heartfelt, and I strive to get to know my clients inside & out, creating a beautiful safe environment to help you achieve your goals & pull out your TRUE UNIQUE perspective out of you to use in all of your marketing, and get fast results!

A Few Testimonials:

  • Angela is the first coach to understand and have firsthand knowledge of my niche! Thank you so much, I have renewed confidence & Clarity, You rock! C-M

  • Feeling like I can take on the world-Thanks Angela- D.M

  • This mornings call was so amazing! You sure are an expert at what you do! I cant say enough but you made  PLAIN what I thought was TOO TOUGH! Y.P.

  • Thank you so much Angela!!! You helped me realize I have it all to make my business grow & be what I want it to be! -Karen

  • I just took away a mountain of personal knowledge -thank you!!

  • Angela- You are a ray of sunshine in my life, and an inspiration to me & others! You believe in me, you give me direction, you are a wonderful mentor, friend,and a lifetime experience! Your support has gave me advice, guidance, encouragement, praise, and you have taught me that all things are possible!! T.M