60 Day "Get Focused & Back on Track Now" Email/Voice Consulting Program- Get started creating your creative business now!

Get ready to learn and build a solid foundation for your beautiful online business and soar to new heights! Get all the resources, tools and support  you need fast, and transform your business in a matter of weeks, with genuine style, and authenticity!  This program meets you wherever you are in your business at the very moment.  Get ready to focus on the area that's keeping you up at night first and work our way through the process together! LOOSE THE SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME NOW! 

Once you know where your at, and what to focus on, you can GO FULL SPEED AHEAD, and make decisions everyday that move your business to the next stage! 

With this 8 week program you will be able to fine tune, refocus, refine , and  set yourself you for mega success! Some of the areas we will cover include the following:


Together we will create a strategy to help you overcome the fear ans confidence of being visible, getting out there, and representing who you truly are, and what amazing expertise you provide.

Get unstuck from the blocks holding you back from doing what you know you want to do.

Loose the trial and error method of running your biz and reach your goals faster , getting all my shortcuts to success, rather that getting stuck at every speed bump.

Master Your Message & Nail Your Niche:

Refine your core message and declare your business doors "Open for Business"!  Get tapped into who your true ideal clients and learn ways to magnetize them to you naturally and authentically.

Become laser focused with your message , and be able to create content that sings to your clients, and creates mega profits for you.

Create Momentum

Start building traction, be seen as an expert and gain momentum as you follow my step by step method to building your tribe!

Map out a marketing plan custom to where you are at right now in your business, and something that's actually do-able!

Feel great promoting your goods without selling your soul and draining your wallet on things that don't matter.

Create content and genuine value for your clients so they keep coming back for more.

The beautiful thing about this email coaching program where you can ask me ANYTHING ANYTIME via fb messenger or email !  It's one heck of a deal!  I will respond as soon as I physically can. Please allow me to strategize and get back to you, as we may need some back and forth!  We may even need to jump on a quick call to get more clarity, and I'm happy to do that when needed.

You can ask me typical questions over and above the rest of my support like:

  • What should I be focused on right now?
  • Can we brainstorm together?
  • I need Ideas!
  • Help! I need clarity on ...............
  • I'm confused with what I should do next?
  • Which thing is going to help me move my business faster now?
  • I need a focused strategic plan.......
  • I'm stuck on some techy things...
  • I'm have totally fell off the wagon can you help me get back on?
  • I'm so stuck
  • I need a new message
  • How do I grow my email list?
  • and anything else that is a burning situation or question, I am happy to support you! If you love the freedom this brings email me angelaneufeld@outlook.com today and let's chat! We will start off with a 60 minute kick off call so I can learn all about you and your business for faster momentum and less stalling!

You Get:

  • Continuous/ Unlimited AS-NEEDED ANY TIME, ANY PLACE voice coaching and support via Face Book Messenger or emailor Voxer Voice for 60 days starting with :
  • 60 Minute kickoff call to start our work together!
  • Bonus: Emergency 1:1 Private 60 minute c all with me to use whenever you need extra support!
  • 8 Week Investment 697.00

Freedom Awaits!

Get focused on the stuff that matters and loose the shiny object syndrome NOW!

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